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Clinical Governance

The essence of quality in our business is driven by our commitment to Clinical Governance, an area we will continue to invest in

Our Clinical Governance Structure

Our Approach

Review of HSE KPIs, which include:

Thorough review and analysis of our complaints, incidents and staff grievance logs

Thorough review of one policy/month

Agree communication plan regarding any policy changes or learnings from the review of internal logs

Our Clinical Governance Team

Mary McArdle

Managing Director

Christina Mooney

Training and Quality Manager

Jeanne Li Huss

Quality Assurance Manager

Elly Hendrick

Quality Assurance Manager

Amy Nesbitt

Quality Assurance Manager

Terrieann Galt

Quality Assurance Manager

Client Survey 2022

Staff are Friendly and Approachable 96% 96%
The care team are always present with me 94% 94%
I am very happy with the service 94% 94%
The support from InisCare has improved my quality of life 92% 92%
I am happy with current care team 92% 92%
I would strongly recommend InisCare 90% 90%