InisCare was founded by James Magrane, who spent several months speaking with frontline care assistants, families and people in receipt of home support. These conversations and ideas helped to lay the foundations of InisCare’s caring culture.

The concept for InisCare began through the combination of three beliefs:

  • Everyone is entitled to live independently at home;
  • People live happier and healthier lives at home, in their own community; and
  • To deliver these two beliefs, all members of the care team must be properly supported and valued.

Trust, Happiness, Energy, Empowerment and Quality represent our core values, which underpin everything we do.

Together with InisCare’s founding management team, the addition of the CareWorld team in July-19 has contributed to a highly qualified and experienced team that oversees the delivery of home support services throughout Dublin.

Having our employees and our customers at the core of everything we do, we are able to empower our customers to continue living happily at home.

Personal Home Care - InisCare


For every person to have the choice to continue living in their own home, in their own community, among their family and friends


To be relied upon to provide the health care, personal care and day-to-day support that people need to continue living happily at home.