We care for you

We want you to love the work you do and feel supported at every stage. Our carer’s relaxation room is yours to use for a cup of tea, a chat or for a bit of calm during your day.

We listen to you

Before we started InisCare we asked for your ideas and ways that a new company could do things better. Our open door policy ensures we will always remember our roots and listen to you.

We reward you

Work is more than how much you get paid, but we all have bills to pay. We constantly review the market to make sure we offer top tier rates of pay.

A professional and friendly care provider

Our care team is passionate about supporting care assistants who want to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

James Magrane

James Magrane


With extensive background in healthcare in UK and Ireland, James is responsible for directing the company and supporting the senior care team.

Elly Hendrick

Elly Hendrick

Quality Manager

Elly has over thirteen years of care experience and is a qualified Dementia Champion. Elly is responsible for overseeing all procedures adopted by InisCare in order to ensure a high level of excellence.

Christina Mooney

Christina Mooney

Care Manager

Christina has over ten years’ experience in the care sector with expertise in matching the right carer with each customer.

Why should I apply to InisCare?

We operate a supportive, team culture to help you be your best. This culture permeates everything we do and compliments our open door policy; our office is your office and we want to see you as often as possible.

What types of shifts do you offer?

We offer a range of shifts to suit your needs and we work hard to make sure that these are as close together as possible. As well as hourly shifts we offer night shifts and block shifts. You tell us your hours and we will work from there.

Where can I work?

We are currently located in North Dublin so most of our care is provided in the local area. We occasionally get calls for block hours in other areas around Dublin which can suit some of our Care Assistants.

Further career opportunities.

We are a new and growing company. At this exciting stage of our development we are constantly looking for new talent. The roles that become available within the company will be made available to all staff internally so if you want to develop into a new role or would like to explore a management position then let us know and we will design a career development plan for you.